Maytag Electric Stove Repair YMES8880DS0

Maytag YMES8880DS0 Electric Stove Repair

Our client was having an issue with their oven, specifically the oven door on their Maytag YMES8880DS0 stove. It wasn’t closing properly- thus rendering the oven ineffective. We came in and checked to see what could be done. We checked the oven lock to make sure the latch mechanism was engaging correctly. We pushed back the oven racks so the door could close fully. The culprit in this situation was the faulty gasket. The grime buildup along the door was preventing it from sealing correctly. We replaced the faulty gasket with a new one. To verify the oven door was closing properly again- we tested the door by shutting it and opening it. The stove repair was successful on the YMES8880DS0 stove and our clients could enjoy their stove once again.

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Maytag Stove Reapir ymes8880ds0Maytag YMES8880DS0 Stove Repair

Maytag Electric Stove Repair YMES8880DS0 Service

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