Samsung Washer Repair WA45H7000AW

Front Load WA45H7000AW Washer Repair

The Samsung washing machine WA45H7000AW was becoming very frustrating for our client. Particularly the noise and vibration that occurred every time they ran the cycle. They were unable to fix it themselves, so they reached out to us for help. As we inspected the washing machine from top to bottom, we discovered that it was not level. The washer was vibrating erratically because one of the legs was damaged. As well as affecting the water level on the inside, this can also affect the washer’s operation. A replacement leg for the washer was ordered and replaced with the new one. A bubble level was used to ensure the machine was level. In order to verify that everything was in working order, we ran a test cycle after we confirmed that the machine was level. We were pleased to see the washing machine was working properly thanks to our washer repair, and our clients were delighted that the WA45H7000AW washer did not disturb the peace in their home.

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Samsung-WA45H7000AW-Washer-RepairSamsung Washer Repair WA45H7000AW

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