When The Dishwasher Won’t Drain Properly

panasonic appliance repairA dishwasher that isn’t draining correctly can prove to be a real headache. If you find yourself in this position, it could mean water getting onto the kitchen floor. It could mean smelly water that refuses to go away. When your dishwasher won’t drain properly, your dishes themselves probably aren’t being cleaned properly either. This can quickly become a very irritating problem. Made worse by the fact that finding the exact culprit can be difficult.

HandiFix Appliance Repair can help. For dishwashers that won’t drain properly, there are several different possibilities that we can explore.

The Drain Hose

In many situations, the most probable cause of your dishwasher refusing to drain correctly will involve the drain hose in some form or fashion. As the name implies, the drain hose is responsible for making sure water is safely and quickly drained from the dishwasher. There are several different issues which can cause the hose to stop working correctly. It could be as simple as a kink in the hose itself.

However, it could be just as easily be something more serious. For example, the drain hose can become clogged over time. The knockout plug for your drain hose may need to be removed, as well. It could even come down to the hose needing serious repair or replacement work.

The Air Gap

Your sink has something known as an air gap. In terms of your dishwasher, this piece is responsible for what is known as backflow prevention. This is also a good example of how your appliances are connected to so many different things. If the air gap has become clogged up, water flow can become disrupted to a meaningful degree. Keep in mind that food and debris can easily clog up and damaged this area over time. The solution may be a simple clean, but something more elaborate may prove appropriate.

Regardless of why your dishwasher won’t drain properly, we can help. Our technicians have the experience and equipment necessary to figure out exactly why your dishwasher refuses to drain as needed. Contact us today, if your dishwasher is acting strangely in any way.

The video is only for education purposes. Please contact HandiFix Appliance Repair directly for professional help.

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