Dishwasher Won’t Turn On/Not Starting

panasonic appliance repairWhen the dishwasher won’t start, your heart can sink. After all, you rely on your dishwasher each and every day. Chances are, you’re using it at least once a day. If you have a dishwasher won’t turn on/not starting situation, your sink can pile up rather quickly with filthy dishes. This is the kind of appliance troubleshooting issue you are going to want to take care of as quickly as possible.

Our dishwasher technicians at HandiFix Appliance Repair can help. Diagnosing your dishwasher can be challenging. This is particularly true when we’re talking about an appliance as complex as your dishwasher. We can rule out every possibility, in order to figure out exactly what keeps your dishwasher from turning on or starting.

The Door Latch Or Latch Switch

If you find your dishwasher refusing to start, there is a very good chance that the problem involves the door latch, or even the latch switch itself. When the door of your dishwasher is closed all the way, it begins sending power to your dishwasher controls. When the latch or latch switch are broken or otherwise damage, the dishwasher’s power supply is not going to be able to send out any signals. In other words, your dishwasher won’t start.

The Timer Or Electric Control Are Defective

When your dishwasher is running properly, or running at all, you should be able to hear the motor for the drain pump whirring along. If you do not hear this pump working, it is possible that the timer or electric control are no longer functioning correctly. There are a few possible reasons as to why this might be the case.

Your timer needs power to send out functions to other parts of the dishwasher. A defective electric control or timer can mean your dishwasher is unable to power on when you switch it on.

The selector switch and motor start relay are two more possibilities for a dishwasher won’t turn on/not starting headache. We can take a look at everything connected to and part of your dishwasher, in order to get it running properly again.

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