What To Do If The Dryer Gets Too Hot

panasonic appliance repairIt goes without saying that you want your dryer to be hot. At the same time, there are also limits to what you should expect. If the dryer gets too hot, it can actually damage your garments. It can also create a potential and very serious fire hazard. This is a dryer issue you need to deal with as quickly as possible. This is an example of a problem that can become very serious very quickly.

If you feel your clothes coming out much too warm to the touch, something is definitely amiss. Our professional dryer technicians at HandiFix Appliance Repair can find out what’s going on. We diagnose and address a wide range of dryer problems. This includes dryers that run too hot.

The Airflow

One of the most common causes for a dryer running too hot involves restricted airflow. The internal ductwork that defines your dryer can become damaged over time. At the very least, something is obstructing proper airflow throughout these ducts. Check the vent, if you like. You should feel a steady flow of air.

The Cycling Thermostat

Your cycling thermostat is used to keep the heating element in check. If the dryer starts to run too hot, the cycling thermostat will ideally be the one to turn the dryer off. If this thermostat becomes damaged, your dryer may not get the signal to keep the heat at a certain point. This can lead to overheating, which means your dryer is going to be running consistently and dangerously hot.

The Heating Element

Another major cause for a dryer that gets too hot can involve your heating element. As time goes on, these elements can become prone to warping and shifting. Such changes can mean the heating element is going to warm up your dryer drum much more quickly than usual. The heating element includes coils, which should not be touching the drum or anything else.

If your dryer gets too hot, let us come and take a look at it. We will quickly but efficiently exhaust every possibility. Contact us today to make an appointment.

The video is only for education purposes. Please contact HandiFix Appliance Repair if you need the professional help.

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