Why Is The Fresh Food Compartment Warming Up?

panasonic appliance repairThe fresh food compartment is perhaps one of your most important features. Particularly for those who want to enjoy the benefits of eating fresh food whenever possible, the fresh food compartment warming up can be pretty alarming.

In the first place, you don’t want your fresh food to spoil that much more quickly. That can be a huge waste of money, in the first place. You also don’t want to have to replace your fridge, which might be going through your mind, when you see your fresh food compartment is much warmer than it should be.

Relax. At HandiFix Appliance Repair, we can address any of the reasons for a warmer-than-normal fresh food compartment.

The Damper Control Assembly

Cold air needs to move from the freezer section to your fresh food compartment, as well as other parts of the fridge. If the damper becomes stuck in a closed position for some reason, less air flow is going to get to your fresh food compartment. This means the area in general will be warmer.

The Defrost Thermostat

The defrost heater is important, in terms of making sure your fridge continues to run as you need it to. If this part is not working properly, the heat is going to reach where it needs to go. This means a buildup of frost, which cuts off your fresh food compartment from getting just the right amount of cool air.

The Evaporator Fan Motor

A good cooling system in any refrigerator is extremely dependent upon a properly-functioning evaporator fan motor. Drawing air over the evaporator coils, it then has this cool/cold air spread throughout the interior of the fridge and freezer.

If anything is causing the motor to malfunction, or if there is any damage, a blockage will result. When this occurs, your fresh food compartment is going to start warming up.

Whether the issue involves any of the above reasons, or extends to something like the defrost control board or defrost heater, we can help. If your fresh food is in danger of spoilage due to high temperatures, contact us today to make an appointment for inspection and repair.

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