Why Are My Fridge Doors Not Closing Properly?

panasonic appliance repairA fridge door that isn’t closing correctly can be problematic for a variety of reasons. If you find your fridge doors not closing properly, the culprit could be simple enough. In some cases, there is simply too much weight for the door to completely close. In this situation, the solution is as straightforward as moving things around.

However, the issue could be more serious than that. It could be a situation that demands one of our experienced, licensed, and insured technicians at HandiFix Appliance Repair.

The Gasket

Most fridge door problems big and small will have something to do with the gasket. This would be the rubber seal that you can find along the outside of your fridge and freezer doors. Generally speaking, your gasket will need to be replaced at least some point in the full lifespan of your refrigerator. If this is the case, you’ll see twisted, detached points along your gasket. A professional inspection can figure out if the gasket needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced entirely.


Another common reason why your fridge door isn’t closing could involve the hinges. If these have taken serious damage, or even just through simple wear and tear, they are going to need to be replaced. Keep in mind that your hinges can also become rusted over time, which further leaves them to possible damage.

The Door

For more serious situations, something may need to be done with the door itself. This is not as stressful as you might be inclined to think.

For example, if your door relies on magnetism to stay closed, understand that this component to your fridge can also become worn down with time. Fading is not uncommon by any means, so you may need a professional to have the door remagnetized.

There is also the possibility that the door itself can no longer close correctly. This does not mean having the entire fridge replaced. More often than not, the door itself can be swapped out easily enough.

For any fridge door issues, including fridge doors not closing properly, HandiFix Appliance Repair can help. Contact us today for an appointment.

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