When Your Fridge Is Freezing Food

panasonic appliance repairWhile you obviously want to keep your fridge and freezer items at a reasonably cool temperature, there is also such a thing as too much. If you find your fridge is freezing food, you’re probably throwing out more than you’re actually eating. Over-freezing can ruin a number of items that are meant to be kept cool, but not to that point.

Are you setting the thermostat too high? This is a common culprit that can simply mean your thermostat’s marker is no longer visible. However, if the problem proves to be more serious than that, our fridge technicians at HandiFix Appliance Repair can figure out the issue.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for a fridge freezing food.

The Coils

The coils on your fridge are one of the most important components attached to the appliance. When these are damaged, broken, or simply too dirty, a number of things can happen. One such example is that the coils play a role in using heat to move the refrigerant around the interior. When the coils aren’t as they should be, the fridge has to work considerably harder at keeping things cool.

The Gasket

This is another common problem we run into at HandiFix Appliance Repair. The gasket is designed to keep the heat from your refrigerator from leaving the fridge. If the gasket is leaking in any form or fashion, this means the heat is going to be in a constant state of escaping from your appliance.

When this happens, the fridge starts to work twice as hard to keep things cool. This in turn can cause items to become frozen.

The Thermostat

Another common culprit points to the thermostat becoming faulty. This isn’t something you are necessarily going to notice on your own. Nonetheless, your thermostat is designed to regulate how much effort your fridge puts into keeping things cool. If it has become defective or even broken, your fridge is going to start freezing everything inside it.

This is another example of a solution to when your fridge is freezing food. Whatever the case may be, contact us today for an appointment.

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