Why Your Fridge Isn’t Cold Enough

panasonic appliance repairYour refrigerator is one of those appliances where even a small problem is likely unacceptable. For example, if your fridge is not cold enough, it stands to reason that everything in the fridge can become spoiled or otherwise unpleasant. Food will go bad more quickly. Drinks won’t taste cold. If the coolness is off by even a little bit, you may have a problem on your hands.

We can help. At HandiFix Appliance Repair, we have the experience and professionalism necessary to address any problems your refrigerator might be experiencing. This includes situations in which the fridge isn’t cooling as it should, which points to a number of possibilities.

Evaporator Fan Motor

Your evaporator fan motor is absolutely essential at circulating air properly throughout your fridge. If anything gets in the way of the functionality of this component, your fridge is going to have all kinds of cooling problems.

The first thing we can do is check for any significant obstructions, which is a common reason. If there are no obstructions, and if the fridge is making odd noises, the motor itself might need to be replaced.

Condenser Fan Motor

Another highly important part to your fridge, the condenser fan motor is also responsible for circulating cool air throughout the freezer. In other words, if this is the issue, then it is likely that your condenser fan motor is having some problems.

The solutions are similar to the evaporator fan motor. Damage or obstructions should be carefully sought out and repaired. Barring those possibilities, the motor may need a replacement. With fridge professionals, this is easy.

The Start Relay

If your fridge is not cold enough, the problem can be traced back to the start relay. This is another common problem that can happen with your fridge. If the start relay is defective or damaged, your compressor won’t be able to move refrigerant throughout. We can check the start relay for continuity, and then make a replacement if needed.

If the problem isn’t as simple as an overloaded fridge or misplaced temp control settings, we can figure things out. Contact us today to set up an appointment, if your fridge just isn’t cooling properly.

The video is only for education purposes. Please contact HandiFix Appliance Repair if you need the professional help.

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