Reasons Why Your Ice Maker Is Broken

panasonic appliance repairYour icemaker is no doubt one of your favorite features for your fridge. When something interferes with its ice production, particularly during the warmer months of the year, there are any number of potential culprits. If your ice maker is broken, we can help at HandiFix Appliance Repair.

The problem could be as simple as a control arm that simply needs adjusting. It could be something more serious than that. We will get to the heart of the problem quickly.

The Control Arm

Your ice maker likely comes with a control arm. This function pauses production, when your ice bin has become full. Any damage to this component can trick the ice maker into thinking the bin is full, when in fact it isn’t.

Your control arm can get knocked out of place easily enough. This is a straightforward fix, but the issue could be more serious than that.

The Water Line

As you may have imaged, your ice maker comes with its own water supply line. It is entirely possible for the line to become restricted, or even closed off completely. We can figure out exactly what is preventing the water line from doing its job.

The Filter

This is one of the most common problems with ice makers. The filter on your ice maker works at a pretty relentless pace. If you haven’t in the past, you should be maintaining the filter every month or so. This means breaking away debris and other such items.

However, without maintenance, the filter can eventually become clogged to the point of needing a deeper clean from a professional.

The Water Inlet Valve

Your freezer is also highly dependent upon your water inlet valve. The location of this particular component is going to depend on the specific refrigerator you own. You can generally find them located behind the fridge. This area can become clogged or restricted, particularly where it concerns the screen/filter.

When your ice maker is broken, regardless of the reason, we can assess the situation quickly, and get to work on repair work. Contact us today to set up an appointment for an inspection.

This video is only for education purposes. If you need professional assistance, please contact HandiFix Appliance Repair directly at (647) 557-3032.

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