Is The Ice Maker Overflowing?

panasonic appliance repairYou love everything about your automated icemaker. This does not extend to situations with an ice maker overflowing. In situations like these, you can find yourself stuck with a lot of water, as well as a lot of mess to clean up. This is the kind of fridge troubleshooting issue which can cause you to believe you need to have the fridge replaced altogether.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The situation could be as simple as checking the bucket where the ice winds up. You may have to simply adjust it a little.

However, if the problem is more serious than that, our experts at HandiFix Appliance Repair can help. We can figure out exactly why your icemaker is overflowing.

Water Supply

The water line itself can absolutely be the cause of an ice maker that won’t stop overflowing. In situations like this, you may need additional assistance. We can help you to figure out in no uncertain terms if this is exactly the case.

Remember that the inlet valve needs a certain amount of pressure from the water supply itself to work correctly. Too little pressure, the valve may not know to switch off. Should this happen, water will start leaking into the ice maker.

The Inlet Valve

At the same time, it could be that the inlet valve itself is what’s to blame. Our technician can check to see if the problem comes down to enough in the way of water flow. If the water is just fine, then it could be that the inlet valve itself is in need of repair or replacement. We can handle either situation.

A Dirty Ice Maker System

From a defective thermostat, to a broken ice mold, there are several different working components to your ice maker that can malfunction for one reason or another. It could simply come down to the system itself being dirty or damaged from years of use. If this is the case, our technicians can clean and restore all of the parts that your ice maker needs to run at its best.

Is your ice maker overflowing? Contact us to make an appointment.

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