Why Your Oven Can’t Maintain Temperature

panasonic appliance repairWithout oven working in perfect order, you’re going to find it very difficult to get very much cooking done. We rely on our ovens for so much from one day to the next. If your oven can’t maintain temperature as it should, this is likely a problem you need to address as quickly as possible.

We can help at HandiFix Appliance Repair. Whether you have a gas oven or electric oven, what matters is an accurate cooking temperature every single time. This is not just in terms of enjoyment, but in terms of safety, as well.

When you oven fails to maintain temperature, a number of potential issues can be to blame.

Common Electric Oven Problems

Your electric oven utilizes two distinct heating elements. The heating element at the top is used for baking, while the heating element found at the bottom is used for broiling. When the element is working as you need it to, it is going to glow a very noticeable red.

If only one element is working, and the other is not, this is still a problem. You may need to have the heating element replaced.

A second common issue with electric ovens is when your oven temp sensor or bulb goes out. It is probable that your electric oven has a sensor. This sensor is responsible for monitoring the temperature of your oven on a regular basis. If this component isn’t working, the oven may not heat properly or maintain its temperature.

Common Gas Oven Problems

The bake ignitor is one of the first things we check, when it comes when your gas oven can’t maintain temperature. It is also well within the realm of possibility that your gas safety valve is no longer functional. This is something else we can check out and address with repairs if needed.

The thermostat or selector switch can also be completely burned out. Keep in mind that the selector switch if what’s responsible for allowing you to change settings from broiler to oven and back again.

From bad relays, to ovens that are in need of recalibration, our oven experts are ready to help. Contact us today for an appointment.

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