What To Do If Your Oven Door Won’t Shut

panasonic appliance repairAn oven door that isn’t closing correctly doesn’t seem like a big deal, However, if your oven door won’t shut, that also means you can no longer use one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. There are a number of indicators that your oven doors will not close. This includes the oven light failing to turn off, as well as the door itself not even closing. You should also look for physical gaps along your oven door’s side, as well as the knobs getting hot when the heat rises.

At HandiFix Appliance Repair, we can address why your oven doors will not shut. More often than not, this is a fairly straightforward fix that involves one or more components of your oven.

The Hinges

This is an easy indication that something is amiss with your oven doors. If the hinges are indeed the reason, it should be easy enough to see or hear them squealing. This is an indication that the hinges have become worn-out or rusted. The oven door itself may need to be removed. However, replacing the hinges, if necessary, is not difficult when handled by experienced technicians.

The Door Gasket

The gasket on your oven door is highly important. It is responsible for keeping the heat from your oven exactly where it needs to be. Located along the inside of the door, of somewhere along the inside of the oven’s tub, it works to compress and form a seal when the oven is running. If the gasket has become damaged in some form or fashion, you’re going to feel varying degrees of heat emanating from the appliance when it’s on.

The Door Latch

Can you physically look inside your oven by looking directly at the sides of the door? If you answered yes, then the answer is likely going to involve the latch. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that the latch has become damaged or even bent. Depending on the degree of damage, replacement work might be necessary.

We can be there these issues, or any others concerning your oven door. Contact us today.

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