If The Oven Interior Light Is Not Working

panasonic appliance repairYou may think the interior light for your oven isn’t a big deal. To the extent that you can still cook without a light on, yes, the oven light is not crucial. However, try to check the progress of anything that goes into your oven without one. It is just about impossible, without opening the door to see. This obviously lets out heat. That in of itself can begin to make using the oven a hassle.

We can help figure out what’s wrong. At HandiFix Appliance Repair, we don’t think baking should be a challenge. We carefully inspect and make repairs/replacements to ovens of all shapes, sizes, and manufacturers. That extends to any situation in which the oven interior light is not working.

The Terminal Block

This is one of the more frustrating reasons for an oven light that doesn’t work. The first thing you will notice is that the clock doesn’t display correctly. In fact, if your oven interior light doesn’t work, one of the first things you should do is check to see if the clock has been set. With some ovens, a clock that isn’t set can upset its entire performance.

Barring that, you will also notice one or more areas of your cooker are not working correctly. There could be damage to the terminal block. This is an array of wires and circuits, found at the back of your oven. Repair or replacement might be necessary.

The Lamp

It can also be possible that your oven’s lamp has not been assembled correctly. The lamp is a holder for the bulb. It also connects your bulb to the rest of the oven. What you will want to do first is check the rest of the oven to make sure it’s getting power in the first place. Does the clock display work? Do your fan functions (if any) operate as they should? If so, the lamp may need repairs or replacement.

These are just two examples of why your oven interior light is not working. We can get to the heart of the problem quickly with a licensed, certified, and insured technician. Contact us today.

The video is only for education purposes. Please contact HandiFix Appliance Repair for professional help.

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