Why Your Oven Won’t Heat To The Right Temperature

panasonic appliance repairAn oven that doesn’t heat properly isn’t much fun to have. It means either undercooking or overcooking foods. This is not only a waste of time and money, but it can also potentially pose a health hazard. If you are someone who uses your oven a lot, and your oven won’t heat to the right temperature, your frustration is going to mount quickly.

Let HandiFix Appliance Repair handle everything. An oven that doesn’t heat to the proper temperature can be annoying, but by no means is it a crisis. In most situations, the solution is simple enough. It simply comes down to eliminating a long list of possibilities, which is something we can handle with ease.

The Heating Element

First, make sure this is actually a problem. This means getting a thermostat that can stand up to the temperatures of your oven, and testing the oven by leaving the thermostat in there to reach the temperature you’ve chosen. If the oven isn’t heating up to the ideal temperature by a certain point, one of the heating elements might be damaged or broken.

Remember: A functional heating element emits a red glow.

The Sensor Or Bulb

Your oven will use either a sensor or bulb, in order to maintain control of the temperature of the oven. Should either of these things be damaged, burned, or otherwise broken in some form or fashion, your oven isn’t going to be able to give you the right temperature. We can take a look at the wiring, among other possibilities. Repairing or replacing this invaluable component to your oven can very likely get you back on track.

The Oven Requires Calibration

The oven may need to be properly calibrated. This is something we can guide you through, and it is one of the easier solutions when the oven won’t heat to the right temperature. If this does not prove to be the issue, it could come down to bad relays. These are connected to your heating elements. They can very easily burn out or become unreliable over time.

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