Why The Washer Smells Bad

panasonic appliance repairA washing machine that smells strange is something you’re going to notice almost immediately. In the event that your washer smells bad, one of the first things you’re going to realize is that there are several different culprits to consider. Worse yet, while cleaning out your washer can prove to be useful in many cases, we are still talking about an arduous, time-consuming endeavor. Worse yet, this may prove to be only a temporary repair for the situation. If the actual source of the smell is not addressed, the odor may return.

At HandiFix Appliance Repair, we promise a fast solution to a smelly washing machine. Whether it is simply a matter of choosing the right water temperature, or due to some component that needs to be replaced, we can figure out a solution in short order.

The Drainage System

The drainage system is important to your washer. This element is responsible for getting rid of water that has been used to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria from your clothing. If the drainage system is not working as it should, this water is going to accumulate in the washing machine over time. This sort of water can create highly unsanitary conditions, with molds and mildews accumulating over time. It can also create a rather unpleasant smell.

The Filter

Your filter can be overwhelmed if it is not serviced on a semi-regular basis. While your filter is naturally designed to deal with a lot, this part of the washer can still become clogged up over time. If these clogs are not addressed, the washer will eventually start to struggle to work as you need it to. Furthermore, it is highly likely that you will begin to notice an odor before long.

The Door Seal

This is not a possibility many consider. The seal of your washer door can also accumulate soap scum, grime, and more. When this occurs, water flow to the machine can slow down, meaning your washer smells bad.

Contact us today if your washing machine is emitting a decidedly unpleasant stench. We can determine exactly what’s going on.

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