Why Your Washer Stops Mid-Cycle

panasonic appliance repairA washer that doesn’t start up at all is bad enough. What really concerns some is when the washer stops mid-cycle. This can be a particularly frustrating situation for those who need to start a cycle, leave, and then come back a little while later. Imagine opening the door of your washer, peering inside, and finding that your clothes have not fully washed. In some situations, there can still be water inside the machine. This can lead you to suspect that something is seriously wrong with your washing machine.

More often than not, this is not the case. The solution is simple enough. At HandiFix Appliance Repair, we can figure out exactly why your washing machine is stopping right in the middle of a cycle.

Door Lock Motor And Switch Assembly

During a normal period of operation, the lock of the door is responsible for keeping everything inside the washing machine. A safety feature, the washer itself will probably not start, if it has stopped working entirely. However, it is possible for the lock motor and switch assembly to simply become unpredictable. The door lock may become unreliable over the course of a cycle, which can cause the washer to stop in mid-cycle.

The Water Inlet Valves

Your water inlet valve is going to open when you start your washing machine. This allows for the flow of water to make its way into the tub of your washer. The inlet valve for water flow can become faulty over time, simply due to age. Should this happen, your washer is probably going to stop, and this is probably going to occur in the middle of a cycle. The washer will simply be stuck on waiting for the water to come.

The Main Control Board

The main control board can malfunction. This has been known to create situations in which the washer stops mid-cycle. This is rarely the problem, but we will certainly check to make sure this option is carefully considered. Problems with the timer are another example of a rare-but-not-impossible culprit.

You can be certain that we are going to check everything. Contact our washer experts for an appointment, if your washer is stopping mid-cycle.

This video is only for education purposes. If you need professional assistance, please contact HandiFix Appliance Repair directly at (647) 557-3032.

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