If The Washer Won’t Drain

panasonic appliance repairDifferent washers have different features. That said, all of them essentially do the same thing. Any given washer is going to include a drain portion. This is crucial for the overall functionality of your washing machine. However, if your washer won’t drain, you can have a serious problem on your hand. Such a state can render your washer largely useless. Your machine has to drain properly, in order for the final spin cycle to be successful.

When you open the door of your washing machine, the last thing you want to see is a pile of clothes swimming in murky waters. At HandiFix Appliance Repair, we can figure out what’s going on.

The Drain Pump And Hose

The drain pump is one of the first things we’re going to check. Over time, this pump can become obstructed by objects and random debris. It can even become damaged or completely broken. If removing obstructions does not prove to solve the issue, then it might be time to have the drain pump replaced altogether. It is also possible for the pump hose to become damaged, or even broken. Some situations are as simple as the hose having a minor kink in it. Repair and replacement work are often straightforward.

The Door Lock Motor

When you close your washer door, the machine begins to operate. In the event that the door lock is unable to activate while being closed, your washer isn’t going to spin. Indeed, it isn’t even going to start. Whether a mechanical failure, or even an electrical one, we can repair or replace this mechanism. The switch assembly may in fact require a replacement. This is another good example of how connected the different components to your washing machine really are.

The Water Pump Belt

There are many different possibilities we can explore for a washer that won’t drain. However, as we eliminate certain potential issues, it may eventually come down to the fact that your water pump belt is simply no longer functional. This is another component to your washer that can very easily become worn-down over time.

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