KitchenAid Electric Stove Repair YKERC507EW2

KitchenAid YKERC507EW2 Electric Stove Repair

We were contacted by a client whose stove burner was malfunctioning on their KitchenAid YKERC507EW2 Electric Stove, and we were able to fix it. We responded promptly and began troubleshooting the problem right away. Even though the stove was plugged in, there was no heat coming from the top. After inspecting the heating element, we discovered that although the heating coils were in good shape, the terminals connected to the coils needed to be replaced. Fortunately, we had all the parts we needed to replace the terminal on hand. After the burner was restored to its original condition, the stove repair was complete and our client was extremely pleased to be using their YKERC507EW2 stove once again..

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KitchenAid Stove Repair YKERC507EW2Kitchenaid YKERC507EW2 Stove Repair

KitchenAid Electric Stove Repair YKERC507EW2 Service

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