Whirlpool Washer Repair WFE94HEXR2

Front Load WFE94HEXR2 Washer Repair

After their machine Whirlpool washing machine WFE94HEXR2 stopped mid-cycle, the client was frustrated that they could not wash a load without getting angry. We were contacted to see if anything we could do could be done to resolve the issue. To see where the issue was coming from, we inspected the machine from top to bottom and inside and out. It turned out that the pump was malfunctioning. Since the pump was malfunctioning, it wasn’t removing water efficiently, pumping water in, and allowing the sensors to move on to the next cycle. The pump was ordered, and we returned to replace it for these homeowners. A brand new pump was tested to see if it would trigger the sensors correctly and solve the problem. The client was thrilled with the washer repair and was ready to use his WFE94HEXR2 washer again.

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Whirlpool WFE94HEXR2 Washer RepairWHIRLPOOL Washer Repair WFE94HEXR2

Whirlpool Washer Repair WFE94HEXR2 Service

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