Frigidaire Fridge Repair PLHS269ZDB1

Side-to-Side PLHS269ZDB1 Refrigerator Repair

Our client had an issue with their Frigidaire fridge PLHS269ZDB1 and they reached out to us to diagnose the issue. Their fridge was leaking with water so we took a look at the defrost drain. The problem is that most defrost drains get clogged with bits of food and lint over time and need to be cleaned out regularly. If they get completely blocked up, water will back up in your freezer and leak out through various vents – typically under the fridge itself or around the kick plate on the lower front edge – until there’s enough accumulated to spill out onto your floor. In extreme cases this can lead to flooding under your fridge. We cleaned out the defrost drain and cleaned up the water that was leaking. The PLHS269ZDB1 fridge was finally functioning properly and our clients were thrilled with the results of the fridge repair.

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Frigidaire Fridge Repair PLHS269ZDB1Fridge Repair Frigidaire PLHS269ZDB1

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